Giants closer Sergio Romo. Photo by Dinur Blum/Flickr

If you were paying close attention to Game 2 of the World Series Thursday night on Fox, you may have heard announcer Joe Buck make a very unbaseball-like comment just before going to commercial.

He called Sergio Romo a “beauty.”

The remark was made immediately after a long dugout interview with the Giants’ closer, who smiled gregariously, laughed as his teammates threw stuff at him, and talked about his penchant for photobombing — attempting to ruin a photo or video, typically by making a silly face behind the subject in the foreground. Keep in mind this all happened while the Giants were locked in a tense defensive battle in a nationally televised World Series game. Here’s the entire interview:

Buck’s apparent fascination with Romo sparked some funny Tweets:

But Buck’s comment reflects what seems to be the growing national opinion of Romo, who, like injured Giants’ reliever Brian Wilson in 2010, just may be on the verge of becoming a breakout pop culture star. (Our post on Wednesday about Romo’s hometown is one of the most-viewed items for KQED News this week, by the way.)

Some Romo-lovin’ tweets during Thursday’s game:

Here’s RomoΒ  photobombing Fox reporter Erin Andrews during Game 1:

Here’s the Game 2 photobombing of an oblivious Pablo Sandoval:

So why does Romo seem so loose during the biggest games of his career? Here’s what he told Fox (via The Huffington Post):

“We’re just having fun. The motto of our team is play for the guy next to you,” Romo told Buck and McCarver. “The smile on my teammate’s face matters more than the smile on my face. Any way to contribute, any way to put that smile on their face is what really matters to us. And what a fun right it really has been.”

How Cute is Sergio Romo? 27 October,2012

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