The Golden State Warriors are looking serious about building a new basketball arena on San Francisco’s Pier 30-32. On Monday the team released images of what the arena would look like along with some specifications.

The Warriors announced their intention to move across the Bay in May, to the dismay of Oakland leaders.

The owners say they’ll finance the $500 million project with private funds, a risk proposition writes Heather Knight of the San Francisco Chronicle.

The San Francisco Giants built their AT&T ballpark with private funds as well, but San Francisco still bears hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs for police and traffic control, the Chronicle reported.

The proposed arena would be close to the Bay Bridge. (Snøhetta & AECOM)

Interiors would offer views of the Bay. (Snøhetta & AECOM)
Fans could arrive by kayak. (Snøhetta & AECOM)
A map of the proposed site. (Snøhetta & AECOM)
A plan of the proposed site. (Snøhetta & AECOM)

The Warriors also released these specifications:

  • Venue Footprint: 170,000 square feet
  • Venue Height: 135 feet. For reference, AT&T Park is 183 feet to the light standard, 132 feet to the top of the seating bowl
  • Venue Seating Capacity: 17,500. For reference, the capacity of Oracle Arena is 19,596
  • Venue Total Square Footage: (excluding practice facilities and meeting rooms): 740,000 square feet
  • Practice Courts: 21,000 square feet
  • Community Event Room: 10,000 square feet
  • Parking Spaces: approximately 630. Piers 30-32 currently parks 1,500 cars
  • Retail: 105,000 square feet
  • Open Space: 333,000 square feet
  • Open Space as Portion of Total Site Area: 333,000 square feet out of 548,500 square feet. The Warriors are committed to no less than 50 percent of the site being dedicated to open space
  • Maritime Uses: Ferry landing, fire boat/fire station facility (accommodating three fire boats), water taxi landing, kayak docking.
Warriors Release Images of Proposed SF Arena 16 October,2012Laird Harrison

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