California students are improving on statewide standardized tests. And on Monday the federal government recognized a bunch of California schools with Blue Ribbons. Twenty-three public schools and one private school from California got the award (list below).

Berkeley High School gets a state rank of 4 (on a scale of 1-10 where 1 the best possible score) and it gets a rank of 5 out of 10, where 10 is the best possible score. It was not rated by (Berkeley Unified School District/Flickr).

To qualify they had to either be in the top rank by statewide standards, or have a student body made up of at least 40 percent disadvantaged students and show great progress on statewide standardized tests.

But if your local school is not a ribbon winner, is it still doing well? Or falling down on the job?

California tracks a welter of data on individual schools, and this month the state put it all into this website.

You can enter the name of a school, and out pops two pages of charts and graphs showing how its current numbers compare to its numbers in recent years, as well as how it compares to its school district and to the state as a whole.

Besides performance on standardized tests, the website shows the ethnic makeup of the school, the percentage “socioeconomically disadvantaged,” average class sizes, the number of English language learners and other key numbers.

You can get some of the same data for the whole country from some independent websites, including or from, both of which also offer reviews from users and give schools their own overall rankings.

Here are the California public schools that won Blue Ribbons:





Fremont Unified

J. Haley DurhamElementary


Fremont Unified

William Hopkins Junior High

Los Angeles

ABC Unified

Joe A. Gonsalves Elementary

Los Angeles

Arcadia Unified

Baldwin Stocker Elementary

Los Angeles

Bonita Unified

Arma J. Shull Elementary

Los Angeles

Glendale Unified

Anderson W. Clark Magnet High

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Unified

Clover Avenue Elementary

Los Angeles


Stevenson Ranch Elementary


Fullerton Joint Union High

Sunny Hills High


Los Alamitos Unified

Sharon Christa McAuliffe Middle


Orange Unified

Fairhaven Elementary

San Bernardino

Redlands Unified

Judson and Brown Elementary

San Diego

San Diego Unified

San Diego International Studies

San Francisco

San Francisco Unified

Alice Fong Yu Alternative School

San Francisco

San Francisco Unified

Lowell High

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Coastal Unified

Teach Elementary

San Mateo

Redwood City Elementary

North Star Academy

San Mateo

Woodside Elementary

Woodside Elementary

Santa Clara

Cupertino Union

R. I. Meyerholz Elementary

Santa Clara

Los Altos Elementary

Oak Avenue Elementary

Santa Clara

Palo Alto Unified

Herbert Hoover Elementary

Santa Clara

Santa Clara Unified

Millikin Elementary


Ventura Unified

Foothill Technology High


And here is the private school:

Contra Costa

El Cerrito

Tehiyah Day School


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