CINCINNATI (AP) — Buster Posey hit the third grand slam in Giants’ postseason history, and San Francisco completed its startling comeback by holding off the Cincinnati Reds 6-4 Thursday in the decisive Game 5 of the NL division series.

The Giants won the final three games, all in Cincinnati, and advanced to the NL championship series. They will face either St. Louis or Washington.

Ahead 6-0, San Francisco saw the Reds rally throughout the late innings. Cincinnati scored once in the ninth before Sergio Romo struck out Scott Rolen with two runners on base to end it.

Here’s some arcane Game 5 historical research by KQED’s Editor in Charge of Arcane Game 5 Historical Research, Dan Brekke:

The Giants are only the fourth team to force a fifth game after losing the first two games of a five-game series on their home field. Here’s how that history breaks down:

Teams that forced a fifth game in five-game series after losing first two at home*:

2-3 configuration (two at home followed by three on the road; 1969-1998, 2012):

2012 Giants (vs. Reds; series tied 2-2).
1981 Brewers (vs. Yankees; Yankees won 3-2. at Milwaukee).

2-2-1 configuration (two at home-two on road-one at home; 1999-2011):
2001 Yankees (vs. A’s; Yankees won 3-2; fifth game at home).
2010 Rays (vs. Rangers; Rangers won 3-2; fifth game on the road).

Other teams that lost first two at home in five-game series (and result), any configuration:
2010 Twins (vs. Yankees; Yankees won 3-0).
2008 Angels (vs. Red Sox; Red Sox won 3-1).
2008 Cubs (vs. Dodgers; Dodgers won 3-0).
2007 Phillies (vs. Rockiers; Rockies won 3-0).
2006 Twins (vs. A’s; A;s won 3-0).
2006 Padres (vs. Cardinals; Cardinals won 3-1).
2004 Angels (vs. Red Sox; Red Sox won 3-0).
2002 Diamondbacks (vs. Cardinals; Cardinals won 3-0).
2001 Astros (vs. Braves; Braves won 3-0).
2000 White Sox (vs. Mariners; Mariners won 3-0).
1997 Mariners (vs. Orioles; Orioles won 3-1).
1996 Dodgers (vs. Braves; Braves won 3-0).
1995 Rockies (vs. Braves; Braves won 3-1).
1984 Royals (vs. Tigers; Tigers won 3-0).
1981 Royals (vs. A’s; A’s won 3-0).
1979 Reds (vs. Pirates; Pirates won 3-0).
1979 Phillies (vs. Dodgers; Dodgers won 3-1).
1976 Phillies (vs. Reds; Reds won 3-0).
1974 Pirates (vs. Dodgers; Dodgers won 3-0).
1970 Twins (vs. Orioles; Orioles won 3-0).
1970 Pirates (vs. Reds; Reds won 3-0).
1969 Braves (vs. Mets; Mets won 3-0).

*100 5-game series since 1969; approximately 52 with 2-3 configuration. Twenty-five teams have started a five-game series with two games at home and lost both those games. Prior to this year, one won the series 3-2; two lost the series 3-2; five have lost 3-1; 17 have lost 3-0.

Giants Beat Reds in Game 5 11 October,2012Jon Brooks

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