Update: Brant Ozanich has nominated this video by his relative, Dylan Ozanich, in our “best of San Francisco” contest. “Here’s what I think is a pretty good take on a early 20-something’s life in a SF,” he writes. “Not quite as detailed as the other video, but there sure is ‘grittier’ parts than just the touristic spots”:

The City from Dylan Ozanich on Vimeo.

Original Post: Sail boats slide under the Golden Gate. A cable car turns. A flower blooms in front of City Hall. In a new video, Jeremy Williams offers this valentine to the City of San Francisco. “I captured 30,000 photos over ten months of everything I love about San Francisco,” he wrote in his YouTube caption. “The end result required 750 hours of rendering to generate 62 tilt shift timelapse sequences.”

Right away some users on the social media site Reddit raised their eyebrows. “The best parts of SF are not near downtown,” wrote a user called someone-do-something.

It’s true that the zanier and grittier parts of the city aren’t featured here. Williams apparently isn’t a fan of celebrations like Critical Mass, for example.

A sample of the color in the Critical Mass ride of 2012 (Cristiano Valli)

Still, 91 percent of Reddit users gave the video thumbs up.

For the sake of competition, here’s a wider ranging “Best of San Francisco” post-card slideshow:

So what’s your opinion? Has anyone come closer to capturing this town in a web video? Send your nominations to lharrison@kqed.org.

Watch These Videos and Decide: Is This The Best of San Francisco? 9 October,2012Laird Harrison

  • Aerin

    These are mostly the touristy areas most locals avoid….cool idea but not best areas at all

  • Nathan

    Hang on, where’s the essence of hobo urine, feces, and general human misery that is quintessential San Francisco?

  • KittyP

    If I had to choose, the first one is my favorite of the three, although it just looks like he followed his friends around and shared his view of the City. Its missing candid crowd shots, critical mass, Bay2Breakers, naked guys at The Castro… Oh, and the refrigeration shots… Heineken? They must be from the Marina.

    The second, I agree, is a tourist promo, it doesnt begin to capture the soul of the city.
    The third has some great shots of architecture and local landmarks, but where are the people? The diversity, creativity and heart of the people are what make this City great. Oh, and the music SUCKS! Big yawn for the soundtrack.

    • Jarod

      You must never have been to the Marina if you think these people are from there.

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