First, the good news: despite all the hullabaloo about the new Apple Maps providing incorrect directions, we can still use it to get from KQED to a local watering hole (in this case, the Irish Bank on Bush Street near Kearney Street. We’re not sure about the wisdom of taking I-80, though):

Although it seems to be a little off in finding us; we took this screenshot while at KQED, which is the off-white building above the blue locator dot:

But it’s worth noting that Apple Maps does a fair job rendering San Francisco landmarks in 3D. The app, which comes with the latest software upgrade for Apple’s iPhones and iPads, has been criticized for displaying warped images. Here is downtown San Francisco as seen from the Bay:

The Golden Gate Bridge (we’re not sure what’s up with the water):

The Bay Bridge and AT&T Park:

And Candlestick Park:

Apple Maps seems to also do a decent job rendering the Mountain View headquarters of the company’s arch-nemesis competitor, Google:

Still, reaction to Apple Maps continues to be mixed. Earlier today we asked our Facebook followers what they thought of the app. The Storify below includes their reaction, other reviews of the app and a few of the better Apple Maps jokes we’ve seen around the Internet.

Have you seen a distorted Apple Maps image of a Bay Area landmark? What do you think of the app? Leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let us know.


What Do You Think of Apple Maps? 25 September,2012

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