The 49ers have joined the Giants and A’s as Bay Area sports franchises that have created an “It Gets Better” video. The Niners are the first NFL team to post its own spot, though last year Mike Williams of the Seattle Seahawks participated, appearing with other pro athletes from the city’s teams.

Here’s the 49ers’ video:

It Gets Better, as you probably have heard by now, is the brainchild of columnist Dan Savage and his partner, who in the midst of a series of tragedies involving harassed LGBT teenagers, created a YouTube video recounting their own experiences being bullied as gay teens, and offering hope to those currently suffering.

The video became the genesis of a major anti-harassment campaign in which people posted their own messages of encouragement, including those by prominent figures like President Obama. The Giants were the first pro sports team to take part, posting their video last June…

And just a few months ago, the A’s joined in:

49ers Release ‘It Gets Better’ Video 24 August,2012Jon Brooks

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