KQED interactive veep Tim Olson ran into Woody Allen this morning in front of Casa Lucas Market on 24th Street between Florida and Alabama. The production of WASP (Woody Allen summer project) was setting up to start shooting. Tim snapped this photo of Woody haggling over the price of nectarines…or something…

We have been devoting the full resources of KQED News to stalking tracking Woody Allen. Our publicradiazzi have already spotted him at 20th and Lexington and 14th and South Van Ness.

More photos below. First person to catch him without that same tan cap on wins a knish.

Update: A commenter below says the woman facing the camera is Woody’s sister, Letty Aronson.

Today in Woody Allen: 24th and Florida (Photo) 22 August,2012Jon Brooks

  • sprockets

    In this picture, Woody is talking to his sister, Letty Aronson, facing the camera, a producer on the film.

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