Update at 1:20 p.m: The Department of Vehicles reports that it has restored service.
Updated at 11:45 p.m: A computer outage on Tuesday  hit the California Department of Motor Vehicles statewide and may have affected other departments. DMV spokesperson Jan Mendoza told KQED’s Keith Menconi that the state government suffered a “network connectivity” problem that has blacked out internet access.

DMV patrons waited in line when the agency experienced an internet crash. (Durrie Lawrence/KQED)

A broken Verizon router affected the  DMV, while an AT&T circuit change affected other agencies, another spokesperson said.

Customers fumed as a line stretched out of the Fell Street office in San Francisco. By 11 a.m., some had waited as long as three hours.

DMV workers discovered the outage at 8 a.m, the spokespersons said. The agency is rescheduling appointments for Wednesday, except driving tests, since these don’t require computers.

CBS Sacramento reports that the DMV has apologized for more than a dozen computer errors this year.

Here are some of the reports that trickled in on Twitter:

Computer Glitch Hits DMV; Other Calif. State Agencies May Be Affected 14 August,2012Laird Harrison

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