No big problems were reported and some riders expressed support for bikes on BART trains during the morning commute Friday.

BART prohibits bikes on board in commute directions during rush hour, but as an experiment is making an exception on Fridays for the month of August.

KQED’s Andrew Stelzer rode with his bike during today’s morning rush, from Ashby Station in Berkeley to Macarthur Station in Oakland.

A few people said bikes should get a separate car, or questioned whether Friday was the best day to do this pilot program, but most were supportive, he found.

In recent years, the system has become more tolerant of bicycles. See the timeline at the bottom of this post.

BART is soliciting feedback from riders with online and telephone surveys. Baralda says the results of the survey along with ridership data and staff observations will inform a report that the staff will make to the BART Board in November. It’s up to the board to decide what permanent changes to make, if any.

Riders Support Bikes on BART During Commute 3 August,2012Laird Harrison

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