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What does a celebrity-fragrance-producing German conglomerate know about coffee, anyway?

Some Bay Area residents may have asked that question Monday after hearing that beloved local coffee chain Peet’s is being bought by Joh. A. Benckiser, a German company whose holdings include the producer of fragrances like Glow by JLo and Beyoncé Parfums. Joh. A. Benckiser also reportedly owns Labelux, a luxury goods company with brands such as Jimmy Choo and Bally.

We asked KQED’s Facebook fans what the company could do to retain its loyal customers, and even improve the chain. Some of the responses below…

11 Tips for the New Owners of Peet’s 24 July,2012

  • I second Carol Rogers. They always serve tea with scalding hot water. Tea, especially green tea, should be served at a lower temperature to avoid ‘cooking’ the tea leaves.

    • SarahBjones

      My understanding was that ONLY green tea (and, of course, coffee) should be brewed @ a lower temp. Black teas need boiling water to release flavors. Years as a barista taught me this.

  • Allison

    Very disappointed in KQED for ignoring the comments re the new owner’s controlling interest in D-Con and the poisoning of owls, raptors, coyotes, cats, dogs and children — and of ignoring the EPA’s ruling against their product.

  • SarahBJones

    Worst tea I have ever had in 19 years of tea-drinking.

  • Jaloola

    Most of Peet’s coffees are organic but can’t be labeled as such because the small farms aren’t certified. Also ALL the coffees are fair trade because they buy their beans ahead of auction at a premium. They also support companies like Technoserve that teach agronomy and quality of the cup so farmers get a better price for their beans. The list goes on and on of what Peet’s does to “step up and be better to other beings.”

  • Maggie

    So few people are aware that Peets is about to be acquired by a company that is defying an EPA ban. Joh Benckiser is a major stakeholder in Reckitt-Benckiser the company that makes d-CON. The EPA had banned d-CON and Peets new owner is not only defying the ban, they are suing for their right to continue selling it. More details in this Huffington Post piece

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