University of California leaders have agreed to hold tuition at 2011-12 levels if Gov. Brown’s tax initiative passes on the November ballot, KQED’s Ana Tintocalis reports. In addition to making the tuition commitment, a committee of the UC Board of Regents also formally endorsed the tax measure.

Here’s background from Associated Press:

Under the recently adopted state budget, funding for the 10-campus system would remain stable this fiscal year and increase by $125 million next year – if the university doesn’t raise tuition and voters approve Brown’s tax plan.

But if the initiative fails, UC would face a midyear budget cut of $250 million.

You can follow The Daily Californian’s live blog or tweets from the meeting:

Earlier, protesters dressed as zombies…… and waved banners.

UC Regents protesters. (Ana Tintocalis/KQED)

Video from the public comment period here:

UC Regents Agree to Freeze Tuition if Tax Measure Passes 18 July,2012KQED News Staff and Wires

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