As usual, this blog is going to have to make up for KQED’s organizational obsession with covering important issues that affect your life in meaningful and even profound ways.

Why we didn’t deploy the full editorial resources of the station to the San Francisco regionals of the US Air Guitar Championship on Saturday… well… let me apologize to the memory of Edward R. Murrow.

But we’re happy to report now, by way of The Bay Guardian, The Huffington Post and SF Weekly, that Justin “Seth Leibowitz” Hypes was the best air guitarist in that time, at that place — the place being The Independent in San Francisco. He now moves on to the finals in Denver this Saturday, where I’m assuming the low atmospheric pressure will only heighten performance.

Here he is, below. Don’t try this at home. Unless of course you’re alone. In that case, go to town. And remember: self-respect, while not necessarily a prerequisite for the pastime, is not mutually exclusive of it either.


More videos from SF Weekly.

Video: US Air Guitar Championship – SF Regionals Edition 17 July,2012Jon Brooks

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