When the Bravo TV network announced it was filming a reality show about Silicon Valley, denizens of the tech mecca were not amused. “Yuck, please stay in LA,” one venture capitalist tweeted, according to the New York Times. But Valleyites (Silicon Heads? The Tech Tribe? South Bay Areans?) do have a sense of humor. KQED found that out that by asking visitors to our Facebook page to finish the sentence “You know you’re in Silicon Valley when…” Here are the results:

26 Signs You’re in Silicon Valley 12 July,2012Laird Harrison

  • Wendy

    Everyone is wearing The North Face

  • Jarrod

    Lunch hour looks like the start of the Tour de France

  • Jordan

    You often hear about friends of friends that work at google.

  • Robert S.

    Your Apple corp group admin pulls into the parking lot in a Bugatti Veyron.

  • MOJO

    When you get in the Elevator and everyone is on their I phones and can’t look up to say hello

  • okumno

    Blog posts like this.

  • Moonshine

    You are more likely to find your significant other on an online dating service than out in public.

  • When you see a Google street view camera car on a daily basis.

  • Life before “silicon valley”

    Everyone misrepresents the area in which you live as being surrounded by Google and ebay and techies, when the reality of your life is you live in East San Jose where there are no music stores, no independant bookstores that arent religious, no trader joes, no whole foods and everyone is either living in a house with 4 generations of relatives or just lost their house and lives in a tiny over priced apartment with their brother and his wife.
    Just a generalization of course but my point is Silicon Valley the ideal does not represent where many of us come from, we are the marginalized majority.

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