Update at 3:55 pm: BART tells us it is recovering from delays in trans-Bay service triggered when a man was discovered deceased on a Richmond-to-Millbrae train.

The train was stopped for more than half an hour at the Embarcadero Station while the San Francisco medical examiner removed the body.

BART service from the East Bay to San Francisco was delayed up to 45 minutes by the incident.

Update at 3:40 pm: BART has resumed normal service following a major service disruption at Embarcadero BART Station. Earlier, BART reported the following on its website:

There is currently a major service disruption at Embarcadero BART Station.  At approximately 2:00 pm, a person was reported on the floor of a train car. Emergency personnel responded and service through the station has been reduced. We’re awaiting more details. There is no service on the Fremont – Daly City and Richmond – Daly City lines. Service is operating on the Fremont to Richmond, Pittsburg / Bay Point to SFO – Millbrae and Dublin / Pleasanton to Daly City Lines.

Major Delay on BART Due to Medical Emergency at Embarcadero Station 3 July,2012Laird Harrison

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