Last year, when the Bay Area News Group posted its database of public employee salaries for 2010, I wrote the following:

More great news for Bay Area public employees: Now anyone can look up their 2010 salaries on this handy database.

In this era of want, a more invidious set of data you won’t find. The Bay Area News Group put it together, and you can filter any search by county, city, or even government agency…

Let the resentment-fest begin…

Well…ditto 2011, except maybe more so.

Check out the data here. The top person on the list makes about $664,000 in total compensation — that’s salary, pension, medical benefits, etc.

Database creators Thomas Peele and Daniel Willis of the Contra Costa Times explain more in their introduction

Data will include employee names, job titles, base salary, overtime and other cash compensation plus the government’s cost of medical insurances, pension contributions, deferred compensation plans and other employment costs, such as disability and workers’ compensation insurances…

Not all agencies would release compensation in an electronic format, such as San Ramon in Contra Costa County. Other entities, including Walnut Creek and the Washington Health Care District in Fremont refused to provide data on individual employee medical insurance costs. At a few agencies, such as San Francisco, officials claimed that antiquated payroll systems could not produce data showing the complete cost of employment.

The database will be updated with more government information throughout the year.

Officials in Oakland have said they will release data by Friday. BART secretary Kenneth Duran said the transit agency will also release 2011 data by Friday. Read full article

By the way, if you’re an anti-government type, here’s another database to send you back into the warm embrace of your Ayn Rand collection: federal employee salaries for 2011. Now with new U.S. Postal employee data!

Search 2011 Public Employee Salaries by Bay Area County or Government Agency 13 June,2012Jon Brooks

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