In case it flew past you, two more historic state parks have been saved from “The List” of those slated to close July 1st: Los Encinos and Santa Susanna. Both are in Los Angeles County. Both were saved (at least for one more year) by grants from the California State Parks Foundation.

Lucy D'Mot in her blog State Park Closures Trip writes "Many of he beautiful rock formations are the perfect size for kid (and dog!) mountain climbing." (Credit: Lucy D'Mot)
In the press release from the Parks Department, LA Sector Superintendent Sean Woods said the Foundation’s assistance will allow local associations at each park more time to develop community ties and long-term financial support. By local associations, he means the Los Encinos Docent Association and the Foundation for Preservation of Santa Susana Mountains.

“If there is a silver lining, it has brought us closer together with our partners,” Woods said.

For those of you keeping track of which parks are closing, we still are, at the Google Map we built for our California Report series, “On the Rocks.”

View California State Park Closures in a larger map


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