KTVU has posted raw video taken from the interrogation of Marvin Norwood, a suspect in the beating of Bryan Stow. In the video, Norwood calls his mother and says:

“Mom you okay? You sure?…Well hey, I got arrested for that Dodger Stadium thing, so…Yeah. Just to let you know. No…I don’t know there’s really not much I can say about it over the phone. But…I was involved. Yeah. I was. Not to a certain extent I was. But pretty sure I’m going to go down for it.”

Click on the photo to see the raw video:

Norwood, 31, and Louie Sanchez, 30, were arrested last July and charged with mayhem, assault and battery, and inflicting great bodily injury to Stow during a post-game attack on opening day, when the Dodgers played the Giants. Stow suffered traumatic brain injury and is currently trying to recuperate in a rehab facility. The public got a glimpse of Stow’s recovery and the extent to which he is still injured during an opening day video this year.

Sanchez and Norwood also face federal gun charges. They were arrested after police exonerated an initial suspect they had assertively claimed was involved in the attack.

Fans who witnessed the beating and the behavior of the suspects at the game, as well as Stow’s companion who was struck in the face, have been testifying at a preliminary hearing to determine whether they will stand trial. Both suspects have pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors say it was Sanchez who did most of the damage to Stow. From a Chronicle report last week:

Police and prosecutors have said Sanchez chased down Stow in the parking lot and punched him, causing him to slam his head against the ground and lose consciousness. Sanchez then allegedly kicked Stow several times in the head. Authorities have said Norwood also kicked Stow, whose friends tried to shield him with their bodies.

According to the Chron, however, witnesses have not been able to identify Sanchez:

[Stow’s friend Alan] Bradford was the third witness at the hearing who described the attack but could not point to Sanchez in court as the person who had delivered the blow that led to Stow’s traumatic brain injury…

Asked outside court whether any witnesses would identify Sanchez as the attacker, prosecutors and defense attorneys declined to comment.

Bradford, like other witnesses, also did not recall seeing Norwood do anything to Stow. Some witnesses have said Norwood restrained Sanchez during an earlier incident inside the stadium, during which Sanchez allegedly sprayed two Giants fans with soda.

Raw Video: Suspect in Bryan Stow Beating Tells Mother He Was Involved 4 June,2012Jon Brooks

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