“Blabbin’ With Gavin,” aka “The Gavin Newsom Show,” debuts on Current TV at 7pm tomorrow. Below is a little smattering of what you’ll see if you tune in. I predict this will be the highest rated show hosted by a Lieutenant Governor on all of television.

Here’s the most interesting clip: Lance Armstrong discussing doping allegations against him. (This interview has actually made some news already.) In February, federal prosecutors closed an investigation of Armstrong without charging him.

In the segment, Armstrong said he’s “done” discussing the doping accusations. “I’m certainly sick and tired of dealing with all this,” Armstrong said. “There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds — and I mean five or six hundred — doping controls that are all negative. Blood, urine, hair, whatever they wanted to take. At some point somebody’s going to have to answer that question… You can imagine, These things take a ton of time and attention and energy; they suck the life out of you.”

Clip from the Chronicle’s Politics Blog:

More from the opening show:

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Video: Lance Armstrong Discusses Doping Allegations on The Gavin Newsom Show 13 June,2012Jon Brooks

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