This post has written itself, via the lyrics, which you can read after the video.

I’ve actually taken this bike route myself many times on the way to Golden Gate Park, but didn’t know there’s an actual name for it.


I’m on my bike And I want to ride to Haight Ashbury But there’ s a hill Between this Mission bar and that vicinity

So I won’t dismay Or be delayed There’s a flat and easy way

I’ll take The Wiggle Bike route supreme The Wiggle Bike route of my dreams

It’s called The Wiggle There’s just a single Wiggle

Let’s do the Wiggle!

Duboce! – Head west Steiner! – Turn right Waller! – Turn left And Pierce – Turn right Then Haight left Scott right Fell left Head straight To the Panhandle!

Wiggle We share it with cars The wiggle Bike route to the stars

It’s called The Wiggle There’s just a single Bike route That’s got a jingle In San Francisco We’ve got our bike route

It’s called The Wiggle

Do The Wiggle!


Jon Brooks

Jon Brooks writes mostly on film for KQED Arts. He is also an online editor and writer for KQED's daily news blog, News Fix. Jon is a playwright whose work has been produced in San Francisco, New York, Italy, and around the U.S.

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