As we’re sure you’ve been talking about non-stop since the news broke, Gavin Newsom has managed to fit into his busy schedule as Lt. Gov a new talk show on Current TV.

The hour-long interview program, slated to start in May, will functionally if not inspiringly be called “The Gavin Newsom Show.”

That’s kind of boring. So we asked both our web readers and news staff to come up with something better. Who suggested what — we’ll never tell…

  1. Blabbin’ With Gavin
  2. The Gift of Gav
  3. That’s My Newsom!
  4. Win Some, Newsom With the Lt. Guv
  5. Gavin Newsom’s The Gavin Newsom Show, Starring Gavin Newsom
  6. What’s My Job?
  7. Gelled
  8. American Idle
  9. I Bet I Can Say 10 Things to Irritate Jerry Brown Before the First Commercial Break
  10. Ha Ha Chris Daly I Have My Own Show and You’re a Bartender
  11. Promoting Myself for Governor or Other Lucrative Gig — With Gavin Newsom
  12. Hair in the Chair: A Sitdown with the Lt. Guv
  13. Wusssuppppppppppp? With The Gav
  14. The Keith Olbermann Show (With Gavin Newsom)

Here’s a little preview of the kind of bracing excitement you’re in for…

14 Alternative Titles For ‘The Gavin Newsom Show’ 21 April,2012Jon Brooks

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