Update: Coverage of today’s court session from the Merc’s Brandon Bailey:

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Local tech journalists James Temple and Brandon Bailey are tweeting live from the Google-Oracle trial. Oracle claims that the operating system for Google’s Android phones violates Oracle’s copyright of its Java programming language.

Temple wrote this morning in the Chronicle that the outcome of the trial could have big implications for the tech industry

The legal showdown between Silicon Valley giants Oracle and Google could test the very boundaries of copyright protections for software and rewrite the rules for much of the industry.

Many observers think that if the court decides in Oracle’s favor, it will raise the cost of Android software for handset makers and consumers, as Google would be forced to spend more money on a product that it gives away for free. Moreover, some worry it could substantially increase the cost, hassle and legal risks surrounding software development in general. Full article

Larry Page and Larry Ellison, the co-founders and CEOs of Google and Oracle, respectively, testified yesterday. Page is on the stand again this morning…

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Google’s Larry Page Testifies at Google-Oracle Trial 18 April,2012Jon Brooks

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