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In terms of filing your taxes last-minute, it may be later than you think. Fewer post offices have extended hours this week than in past years, and many won’t stay open till midnight. The deadline for filing is midnight tonight.

“Online filing of income tax forms has increased dramatically and in fact, according to the IRS, right now 77 % of the more than 143 million returns are filed online,” Don Smeraldi, a US Postal Service spokesman for the Pacific area, told KQED’s Joshua Johnson.

Online filing has increased steadily in recent years, ending a long-standing  tradition of running to the post office at the last moment.

“At the larger post offices across the country you would see lines of cars and almost a carnival atmosphere as people would be kind of making a statement on their own and waiting till the last minute to file their taxes,” Smeraldi said.

The US Postal Service is cutting back in general; because of budget problems it is looking to close 3,700 locations. But that’s not the reason for cutting back on the offices open late for mailing taxes, Smeraldi said.

Just in case you need to drop your tax return in the mail, here are some of the local post offices open late tonight in the San Francisco Bay Area:

To check the standard hours and addresses of post offices near you, enter your zip code in the postal service locator.

Post Offices in the Bay Area Where You Can File Your Taxes Last-Minute 15 April,2013Laird Harrison

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