Yesterday, KCBS TV reporter Juliette Goodrich talked to accused Oikos University gunman One Goh at Santa Rita Jail.

Goodrich and Goh spoke face to face on phones, she reported on KCBS. They were separated by glass. Goodrich said she had left a call informing Goh’s public defender that she wanted to do the interview, but that the attorney did not return her call. Goh has thus far made one court appearance, and has yet to enter a plea.

Goodrich said when she first encountered Goh, his head was down in his arms. Goodrich asked Goh if he was remorseful; he said, “I am sorry… but that word doesn’t help… Families are so angry with me…if I tell them sorry it doesn’t bring anyone back.”

When asked to recount what happened at Oikos, Goh said, “I only remember parts of that day, and it is too hard to talk about.” He said, “I have only talked with my lawyer about the details of that day.”

“I want to see my family, but I think they don’t want to see me… I am not sure.”

Goodrich said Goh repeatedly put his head down during the conversation, and that he spoke clear English, despite some reports that have indicated Goh felt teased at the school because he didn’t speak English well. Goh is a naturalized U.S. citizen originally from South Korea.

Goh told Goodrich he was studying to become a nurse at the university, as widely reported. “I was studying to be a nurse…but it didn’t happen… It’s complicated to explain,” he said. School officials have said Goh was in a dispute with the school over his demand for a tuition refund.

Goh said during the interview, “I don’t trust people. They can say one thing and then in their minds be thinking of something else… You never know what you will do one day, or what your mind will do.”

Goodrich said Goh put his head down repeatedly during the interview, “as if ashamed.” After 15 minutes, he said “that’s all I want to talk about,” put the phone down, put his hand over his face, and began to cry.

Here’s the KCBS report, which does not include audio or video from Goh, just Goodrich’s recounting of the interview.

Accused Oikos Gunman One Goh Says ‘I Am Sorry…But That Word Doesn’t Help’ in Interview 12 April,2012Jon Brooks

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