A documentary filmmaker has released audio of suspended former Saints’ Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams, now with the Rams, exhorting his players to inflict injuries on the 49ers a day before the two teams met in the playoffs last season.

Williams is at the center of the Saints “bounty” scandal, in which players pooled their own money to offer bonuses for knocking opposing players out of games.

From Yahoo! Sports:

The night before Gregg Williams’ final game as the New Orleans Saints’ defensive coordinator, the since-suspended coach gave a fiery speech to the team’s defensive players during which he made specific references to inflicting physical punishment upon several San Francisco 49ers in a postseason game the next day.

In the speech at the team’s hotel near the San Francisco Airport, Williams – according to documentary filmmaker Sean Pamphilon – at one point made a hand signal suggesting he would personally pay for a ferocious shot on 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. Full article

Some quotes. Of Alex Smith, Williams said…

  • “We hit … (Alex) Smith right here’ (Williams points to his chin) “Remember me, I’ve got the first one, I’ve got the first one” (Williams rubs fingers together indicating cash payment)
  • “We’re gonna swarm. We’re gonna dominate the line of scrimmage. And we’re gonna kill the [expletive] head.”
  • “Every single one of you, before you get off the pile, affect the head … continue to touch and affect the head.”

Of Frank Gore…

  • “We’ve got to do everything in the world to make sure we kill Frank Gore’s head. We want him running sideways. We want his head sideways…”
  • “We need to decide on how many times we can meet Frank Gore’s head.”

Of Kyle Williams…

  • “We need to find out in the first two series of the game, the little wide receiver, No. 10, about his concussion. We need to [expletive] put a lick on him, move him to decide. He needs to decide.”

Of Michael Crabtree…

  • “We need to decide whether Crabtree wants to be a fake-ass prima donna or he wants to be a tough guy. We need to find that out, and he becomes human when you [expletive] take out that outside ACL.”

Transcribed audio here. Be warned, it’s unbleeped and nasty…

Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon excoriates Gregg Williams on the web site of the documentary, called The United States of Football.

I was sitting next to Steve Gleason in the back of the room as Gregg Williams screamed ‘f***’ and ‘f***in’ countless times when instructing his men to hurt other men. Williams wasn’t considering the fact that many of those men have children and all of those men are somebody’s son.

“We make no apologies for the way we play the game,” Williams said in a tone which suggested that he actually had the balls to put on a uniform and do the very things he was ordering his players to do, much less be on the receiving end of the blows he was ordering up.

I don’t have those balls.

You don’t have those balls.

And Gregg Williams most definitely does not have those balls.

It’s a cowards play to send someone off to do your malicious bidding. I’m sure many of his players would have told him this if they weren’t scared to lose their jobs or look like bitches in front of their teammates. Or if they weren’t 25 and couldn’t possibly have a fully developed perspective on life.

“This is a production business,” Williams said emphatically when he began his speech. He repeated that mantra again and again, during the balance of his impassioned, profanity laced diatribe.

Audio: Suspended Coach Gregg Williams Names 49ers He Wants Injured in Last Season’s Playoffs 5 April,2012Jon Brooks

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