Update 9:56 a.m. DMV spokesperson Mike Marando says the department is experiencing an “intermittent network computer outage affecting various offices throughout the state.” Marando says typically this type of interruption lasts anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple of hours.

He says in the interim, field offices are set up to complete transactions by hand and that customers can still take driving tests. Managers are on site to work with customers who have missed appointments, Marando says.

Update 1:30 p.m. Journalist Kara Swisher finally gave up at the San Francisco DMV:

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A few people, including tech journalist Kara Swisher in San Francisco, have sent out tweets that DMV computers are down statewide. We haven’t confirmed that yet, but here’s a tweet from the DMV:

We’ll let you know more when we find out.

Statewide Computer Problems at DMV Today 22 March,2012Jon Brooks

  • Michelleramin

    Sitting at DMV on Fell St. in SF – system is in fact down statewide. We’ve been here waiting since it went down around 8:40am.

  • deborah

    Someone from DMV please tell the SF DMV staff that they can process stuff by hand. They are not processing ANYTHING since the computer went down.

  • Kyle Huang

    I was waiting for two and a half hours at the Santa Clara DMV before I finally gave up. It was not “intermittent”, it was a complete outage – that is how employees were treating it, anyway. No one was being helped, they were advising people to leave and try again later. Some employees looked like they were taking off too.

  • Bobo

    Still down in Sacramento as well. Called the AAA DMV office and they said it’s still down. 

  • SFListener

    March 21 — systems at Fell St. in SF are once again down. I guess we get what we, as a State, can afford….

  • it’s Wednesday and the system is STILL down. it’s been down for 5 days already!

  • Beth_abbott

    System was down statewide today. We went in to get driver’s licenses and also license our car since we just moved from out of state to Orange County. We were told to schedule an appointment for tomorrow, but were given no assurance that the system would be back up. We took time off work and had an appointment today – what good is another one if the system is not up???

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