On Monday, the Chronicle’s Peter Hartlaub wrote about San Francisco bubbles. No, not the ones in social-media stocks and artisan coffee roasters. Real bubbles, dammit!

Wrote Hartlaub about one Mike L. Miller…

The 43-year-old Oakland resident created his first giant bubble in the early 1990s and has been perfecting the craft since. Miller says cool overcast skies, high humidity and light variable winds are his best weather conditions. He proved it Sunday by launching an armada of watermelon-size bubbles into a crowd of squealing children and grown-ups…

Miller was one of three bubble makers practicing their craft for free Sunday at the park’s Sharon Meadow, each using a homemade bubble maker that looks like a combination of two fishing rods and a lasso. Miller isn’t the most experienced of them, but he’s one of the best known, in part because of his “Bubbling San Francisco” video series featuring themed bubble exhibitions filmed at different hiking destinations in the city. Full article

Check out the effervescent goodness inherent in these videos:

Video: Bubbling Around San Francisco 14 March,2012Jon Brooks

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