Calif. Fish and Game Commission President Dan Richards (Fish and Game Commission)

(AP) RIVERSIDE, Calif. The president of the California Fish and Game Commission who is under fire for legally killing a mountain lion in Idaho is receiving overwhelming support during a public meeting in Riverside.

Dozens of people have spoken Wednesday at a commission meeting in favor of Dan Richards, who has recently been asked to resign by 40 California Democratic Assembly members and animal rights activists.

Richards, a Republican commercial real estate developer, appeared in a photo that shows him with a mountain lion he shot during a visit to Idaho. Richards has said he will not step down from his appointed position.

Hunting mountain lions is banned in California, though it’s legal in Idaho and other states.

The meeting’s public comment session is continuing.

Support For Cougar-Hunting Fish and Game Head Dan Richards at Commission Meeting 7 March,2012KQED News Staff and Wires

  • I was there.  I’m no Dan Richards fan.  I’ve been trying to get the Fish and Game Commission to lift restrictions on domestic ferrets for many years.  Usually the Commission requests that people speaking on the same subject find a spokesman.  What I saw was a love fest, 60 speakers praising Dan Richards and castigating those who oppose him.  I don’t know a lot about hunting, wildlife management, etc.  But this clearly distracted the Commission from their job.

    Sure the hunters want one of their own on the board, and many hunters spoke of their freedom to hunt under assault.  But what about those of us interested in other issues?  We have no representation on an issue the Commission insists on keeping.  Our freedom has been openly ridiculed by the Commissioners.  Call it disenfranchisement.

    Pat Wright

  • Czesc

    scumbag, plain and imple to see, also coward, the mountain lion was cornered by dogs while the coward had a high powered rifle. The mountain lions deserve protection, and we deserve someone with both a brain and a heart that feels, this moron has neither.

    • Johnny Utah

      Get a life hippy. What Dan Richards dose on his own time is nobodys concern.

    • Johnny Utah

      Hunters are the real conservatonist, go back to school and do your home work.

  • Czesc2

    Hey, while you are at raping species numbered in thousands in a country of hundreds of millions, maybe he should join the military and occupy a country so he can enjoy the hunt of kicking in a door and “legally” shooting a few children too. Was the mountain lion without it’s GPS to warn it of stupid devils causing destruction without real cause.  Dan Richards, unfortunately, we are stuck with him pathetically “protecting” our natural heratage. He will eliminate nature and dis-respect it’s creator meanwhile he is a scourge to all living things, especially humans, and especially those of us who respect and enjoy the beauty of nature. Kill it all Danny with a big gun, please go to some foreign providence and kill legally there too, they can defend better than a  species, maybe there they can rid us of you in a fair hunt where you have no gun and they have dogs and high powered rifles, you pathetic coward!

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