Breaking news from John Myers…

That’s the famed driverless car he’s talking about, passengered by State Senator Alex Padilla (D-San Fernando Valley, where they know from cars).

It was a working trip for Padilla, apparently, as explained in this press release:

Senator Alex Padilla today rode in one of Google’s autonomous vehicles to the State Capitol in Sacramento. Upon arriving at the Capitol in the “self-driving” vehicle, he held a news conference with officials of Google Inc. to announce the introduction of Senate Bill 1298. His bill would direct the California Highway Patrol to develop guidelines for the safe testing and operation of autonomous vehicles in California. Last year, similar legislation was signed into law in Nevada. In addition, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida and Oklahoma are all currently considering autonomous vehicles legislation.

Here’s an “All Things Considered” video demonstration of the car, narrated by Sebastian Thrun, who helped build it…

That’s great. Though we still maintain Google has nothing on Hanna-Barbera


Google Driverless Car Arrives in Capitol; Watch Video Demonstration 1 March,2012Jon Brooks

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