The president of the California Fish and Game Commission, who caused a stir when a photo of him with a dead mountain lion he shot appeared online, is unapologetic and then some in the face of calls for his resignation by 40 Democratic Assembly members, not to mention Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom. Read the letter to Assemblymember Ben Hueso, who is leading the charge against Commissioner Daniel Richards, below. A sampling:

“Do you really think a California Commissioner is actually obligated to follow California laws across these United States? Really?”

Richards also levies this typographical rejoinder: “There is ZERO chance I would consider resigning my position…”

KQED Public Radio’s Forum program covered this issue today. Listen to an archive of the show later in the day.


Also, KQED’s Ian Hill has Storified reaction to the story…

Fish and Game Head is Way Unapologetic About Shooting Cougar; Read Letter to Assemblyman 29 February,2012Jon Brooks

  • You may feel that your position on Mr. Dan Richards to have
    him resign or remove him from office is a right decision but I say let’s take a
    look at what we as California’s are all about. Do we want animals to be
    protected sure we do but there are times we need to preserve the species by
    allowing hunters to harvest a few to maintain the population and to insure we
    have health species. This is a balancing act were if we allow the Mountain
    lions to over populate they start killing off other animals such as our deer,
    mountain goats, elk, my dog, neighbors cat, humans and so on. I think you would
    agree that if we allow the Mountain lion to over populate we would have more
    issues than Mr. Richards’s legal hunting trip to Idaho. Idaho allows hunting of
    the Mountain Lion because as I stated above it is a balancing act to keep all
    the animal species health and their numbers up.

    No one wants to see and animal killed but we as humans need
    to understand without proper management and control of our natural recourses
    there would be none for our children to enjoy. Mr. Richards’s trip was on his
    own time doing a legal hunt to maintain Idaho’s Mountain Lions population and
    protection of other magnificent species.

    Mr. Richard understands the importance of
    preserving all species and I see him as an asset to maintaining the wildlife of

  •  That is what can be called awful! Killing animals for having fun is immoral ..if someone allow himself to kill an animal that will never approve him as being a human

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    • Tony R.

      I can assure you that mountain lions have no such scruples when considering you for their next meal.

  • Mike S.

    The storm over Mr. Richards perfectly legal and MORAL actions have stirred the usual informed hate reaction. This is another example of urban cultural imperialism. Who out there is qualified to decide what is moral? That is a cultural question.

  • Tony R.

    California law stops at the California borders.  Ben Hueso sounds like an idiot, put into office by idiots.  It’s too bad that the 79th Assembly District currently has no qualified representation in Sacramento.  Considering that the budget has been late and in deficit for years, you’d think Mr. Hueso and his colleagues would have more important things to do.

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