From the Marin Independent Journal:

Joe Ayoob is used to setting records with his arm, but not like this. On Sunday Ayoob, the former Cal quarterback from Terra Linda, set the world record for longest paper airplane throw when he launched a glider 226 feet, 10 inches.

It was an exhilarating experience for Ayoob and the man who folded the paper airplane, John Collins, a Marin City resident who works as a television producer for KRON Channel 4. Full article

And now…the video:

Guinness World Records says it has yet to verify the record, but “if the measurement is confirmed it would beat the previous benchmark distance of 207 feet and 4 inches set by fellow American Stephen Krieger in Washington, USA, on 6 September 2003.”

Even ESPN is covering this

Video: Former Cal QB Sets Record For Longest Paper Airplane Throw (Maybe) 29 February,2012Jon Brooks

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