In the first week or so of February, police and media reports said seven people had been killed and 21 wounded in a rash of shootings, prompting me to try to keep a running count using media and police reports.

A quick key: *Green* placemarks denote homicides. *Red* placemarks denote attacks on people. Where possible, I’ve used published media synopses of those shootings; when those aren’t readily available, I’ve used Oakland Police Department spreadsheet data that does not contain information on casualties associated with shooting incidents. *Yellow* placemarks denote reports of shooting into inhabited or uninhabited homes and vehicles or negligent discharge of firearms. One purple marker denotes the site of a police shooting. One blue marker denotes an arrest after a shooting incident.

Click on the map to see details of the shootings in the left column.

View A Month of Oakland Violence in a larger map


  • Sandra

    The Feb. 22 shooting of a man on Davis St. is not showing on the map, though it is noted – and at the same time our home was shot into at corner of 35th & Davis and that does not show either.

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