Hey you know who simply has just not gotten enough media exposure?

Jeremy Lin's Warrriors rookie card

We’re just hoping that after every last desert-island crash survivor, Tibetan sherpa, and Kyrgyzstani yak herder has finally gone Lin-sane, a massive overexposure-backlash, the likes of which brought worldwide derision upon Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck during the tragic Bennifer years, does not ensue.

Could happen. But until then, we’re content to ride this thing like Sea Biscuit!

To that end, studies show that one percent of U.S. GDP is now related to Lin. Just check out the front page of eBay, with its massive “Get in on the insanity” banner, taking you to its list of some 2,000 items for sale.

No longer among those, however, is the Lin signed rookie card that sold for $21,580 yesterday.

ESPN talked to the seller, Yair Rozmaryn, a day before the sale. He bought the card for $1,000 just two days into the Lin-sanity era. How’d he come by such foresight?

“He had two great games at the time,” Rozmaryn says in the interview. “He appeals to a big audience, he’s playing in New York City, and he seems like a really personable guy…I thought hey, it’s a lot of money, but the upside was really tremendous.”

Having joined the ranks of Lin underestimators, whoever sold the card for a grand can now sit down for a commiserative belt with Warriors GM Larry Riley.

Guess Whose Rookie Card Sold For $21,580 Yesterday? Watch Interview With Seller 25 February,2012Jon Brooks

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