That’s the title of this press release from Public Policy Polling from Feb 21.

Americans generally have a favorable view of most states. Only five are in negative territory, led by California (27% favorable and 44% unfavorable), Illinois (19-29), New Jersey (25-32), Mississippi (22-28), and Utah (24-27). Only seven other states have net-positive ratings in the single digits, and another breaks even (Louisiana).

As a native New Yorker, I can only say that it’s somewhat humiliating to be beaten out by New Jersey, which Jon Stewart, who grew up there, calls “Stinkachussetts” (2:38 of this video.)

HuffPo San Francisco has put together a slideshow response to the poll that reflects the state’s geographic majesty. We don’t feel that’s necessary, mainly because it sort of takes a lot of time to put one of those together.

But rock on, Golden State…

Americans Love Hawaii, Dislike California 24 February,2012Jon Brooks

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