Way to be flexible, Justin Herman Plaza: Base camp for Occupy San Francisco and home of the annual Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight, all within a couple of months.

Kiazad Ehya has nicely captured the majesty of this event by recording it in slow motion and setting it to “Sous le Dôme Epais,” more commonly known as the “Flower Duet” from Lakme, by Leo Delibes. (That was cut-and-pasted by me from an email from KQED’s Nina Thorsen. The closest I got was “it’s some sort of classical thing.”)

Somewhere in that mess was SFPD Sergeant Larry Kimpinski, who told KQED’s Shuka Kalantari before the melee commenced that he was on his first pillow-fight assignment. “I’m actually kinda excited! I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Everybody around here seems pretty friendly and excited, so I don’t see any problems.”

Corey McGuire said he was there with his three-year-old son. “Milo has been here since in-utero, so he’s been to four pillow fights! I come here to expose my kids to the chaos and expose them to what’s possible when people want to come together. Not many times do you see this many people randomly gathering for no good reason whatsoever!”

Huh. If you attended a Golden State Warriors game circa 2000, for instance, you might disagree with that. But point taken.

The cost of this year’s cleanup: $5,000, according to the Dept of Public Works.

More video, from KTVU, here.

Video: San Francisco Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight — In Slo-Mo! 15 February,2012Jon Brooks

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