Here’s Rose Pak, often referred to as “Chinatown power broker” Rose Pak, and sometimes called, in so many words, Co-Political Puppet Master of All San Francisco Rose Pak, insulting a bunch of local pols as they stop in front of her reviewing stand at the Chinese New Year parade on Saturday.

The performance somewhat has the feel of your aunt getting drunk enough at a wedding to let loose with what she really thinks of you. Except Pak wasn’t drunk.

Of Supervisor Eric Mar, Pak said the following, at around 6:20 of the video:

“Eric, sometimes people ask me who do you listen to, and I always have trouble because I really don’t know who you listen to. Anyway, I found out the best way to reach Eric Mar is to be the last person to speak to him. Eric Mar is very upfront and honest, and he doesn’t have a mean bone in him. But sometimes he’s too kind, so he’s for everything and everybody even to the detriment of his own career. So that’s Eric mar in a nutshell. Right, right?”


More Pak parade bon mots on the Huffington Post.

Video: Rose Pak Insults Local Politicians at Chinese New Year Parade 13 February,2012Jon Brooks

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