Photos released by the Oakland Police show City Hall offices vandalized.
Photos released by the Oakland Police show City Hall offices vandalized.

On Wednesday night, the Oakland Police released a video and photos of vandals breaking into and damaging City Hall and the YMCA, during the Occupy protests on Saturday. About 300 people were arrested during the daylong protests, which included an attempt to take over the Kaiser Convention Center to use as an Occupy base.

The video lasts about two minutes and shows protesters entering City Hall and leaving carrying an American flag, which is later set ablaze.

Police ask that people with information related to the incident call them at 510-238-3268.

Read the press release in full:

From the Oakland Police Department:

On Saturday, January 28th, a crowd of approximately 500 Occupy

Oakland protesters unsuccessfully attempted to break into the historic Henry J.

Kaiser Convention Center. This action was taken in spite of the City of Oakland’s

repeated advisements that peaceful assemblies, protests, and marches would be

facilitated, but that the illegal breaking and entering into buildings or other

criminal acts will not be tolerated.

In their attempt to illegally gain access to the Convention Center, members of the

crowd charged police skirmish lines and assaulted officers with bottles, metal

pipes and other projectiles, as well as spray cans, improvised explosive devices

and burning flares.

In addition to attempting to take over the Kaiser Convention Center, protesters

invaded the YMCA and broke into Oakland City Hall, where they committed acts

of vandalism, trespassing and theft. The enclosed, historic model of City Hall

(thought to be over 100 years old) was severely damaged, office spaces were

vandalized, windows were broken, and the United States Flag was stolen and

burned on the steps of City Hall. “This type of criminal behavior, clearly outside

of the First Amendment, is disrespectful to the residents of Oakland and is

unacceptable and will not be tolerated in my City,” said newly appointed Police

Chief Howard Jordan. “The residents of the City deserve better than this, and it’s

time for the violence and vandalism to cease,” he continued.

Other vandalism to City Hall included breaking into the elevator automation

panel, attempting to activate the fire sprinkler system, and breaking an interior

window to one of the Hearing Rooms.

The attached video link shows the front doors of City Hall being breached by use

of a pry tool, protesters gaining entry and removing items including an American

Flag which was taken from the second floor landing onto the front the steps, and

set afire.

Investigators are attempting to identify the individuals responsible for these

criminal acts and are encouraging anyone with information to contact the Oakland

Police Department at 510-238-3268

Oakland Police Release Video of Occupy City Hall Vandalism 2 February,2012Amanda Stupi

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