• Oakland drops Victory Court ballpark (Oakland Tribune)

    The state take-back of redevelopment money has forced the city to abandon plans for a waterfront ballpark — the linchpin of efforts to keep the A’s in Oakland…That means the focus is solely on revamping the O.co Coliseum complex with retail, restaurants, hotels and new sports facilities for the Raiders and Warriors.

  • Judge rules covered police badge serious violation (SF Chronicle)

    An Oakland police officer who covered his nameplate at an Occupy Oakland protest in November, and the lieutenant who failed to report him, committed serious violations of court-approved conduct standards for the city’s police force, a federal judge has ruled.

  • San Francisco medical marijuana licensing program resumes (SF Examiner)

    San Francisco’s medical cannabis dispensary program resumed licensing and inspecting medical marijuana collectives, Department of Public Health officials announced Monday. The move comes after the agency said last week that the application process was suspended. Under clarified rules, existing dispensaries must sign a statement swearing that all medical marijuana sold on-site is cultivated in California and comes from a grower who is a member of the dispensary’s nonprofit collective.

  • Occupy Oakland protesters split over violence (SF Chronicle)

    For many Occupy activists outside Oakland and San Francisco, the violent clashes with police and destruction that attended protests in those cities over the past two weeks not only went against the Occupy message – they’ve started to undercut its essence.

  • Middle-class 49ers fans feel priced out of Santa Clara stadium (SJ Mercury News)

    …Many middle-class Niners fans who stuck with the team through its awful stretches now say they are being priced out of the team’s forthcoming stadium in Santa Clara. This month, the team assigned current holders of some of its best season tickets 9,000 much costlier club seats in the new stadium — and if they don’t buy them by March 16, they lose the seats that in many cases have been in their families for generations.

  • Assembly rejects 3-tier plan for sex offenders (Sacramento Bee)

    Legislation to create a tiered sex-offender registration system designed to focus attention on violent criminals was killed Monday by the Assembly. Assembly Bill 625 died by a vote of 19-41. Its author, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, said he will propose a similar measure later this year.

A.M. Splash: Oakland Drops Victory Court Ballpark; Judge Says OPD Nameplate Covering is ‘Most Serious Level of Misconduct’ 31 January,2012Jon Brooks

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