I’m often asked by aspiring bloggers what’s the best way to break into the online content game.

Okay, so I’m never asked that by aspiring bloggers. (Though I do often get, “Hey, do you know Scott Shafer?”)

In any event, blogger hopefuls, I’ve got two words for you, one of which is a compound word, but that’s still two: “Time-lapse video.”

The video is from Project Yosemite. From the web site:

Project Yosemite is a collaborative project by Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty. What started as an idea turned into an ongoing adventure to timelapse Yosemite in a extreme way.

We were complete strangers before it all started, but after we met on Vimeo our idea came into sight, and then began the challenge to make numerous trips to YNP where we would capture the beautiful landscape it offers for visitors every year.

We invite you to watch our video in hopes you’ll witness Yosemite like never before.

Here it is, and it’s pretty stunning:

From the video’s creators:

“We’ve got a sequel planned in the near future. Be sure to subscribe and follow us! Thanks for the support everyone! You guys are awesome!”

And this from Discover Magazine’s Bad Astronomy blog:

The…music? “Outro”, by a group called M83.

This Time-Lapse Video of Yosemite is Really Good… 24 January,2012Jon Brooks

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