It was impossible to go anywhere this weekend without seeing red and gold or hearing people talk about the 49ers final-seconds win in Saturday’s NFC Divisional Playoff against the New Orleans Saints. And that’s fine by us. In fact, we’re inviting folks to share their photos with us on Flickr, so that we can document the long-awaited return of 49er Fever to the Bay Area.

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve collected so far:

And in case you’re new to the Bay Area, or are still in the golden age of youth, here are some videos to help you catch up on the team’s legacy. If you plan to watch next weekend’s game anywhere in public, you may want to bone up on 49er history.

This song spans from Kezar to today’s team:

Here’s the famed 49er rap of the 80’s (and wow, is it 80s!):

This one pays homage to the current team with a tune that’s not quite as catchy as Ashkon’s Don’t Stop Believing but it’s still pretty good:

And of course, the ever catchy ‘We’re the 49ers”:

Finally, if you have a Netflix account, you simply must stream Saturday Night Live with Walter Payton and Joe Montana as hosts. It’s Episode 9 of Season 12. I would post the video, but NBC has done a great job deleting SNL’s presence on YouTube. Lucky for them, the episode is one of the best and a must watch for any lover of comedy and/or Joe Montana. And who isn’t?

49ers Pride in Photos and Videos 16 January,2012Amanda Stupi

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