LAO Releases Overview of Guv’s Budget; Revenue Estimates ‘Bigger Question Mark Than Usual’

The Legislative Analyst’s Office has released its overview of the governor’s proposed budget. Read it here.

One key paragraph that addresses the Brown budget’s reliance on higher taxes that must be approved by voters in November:

Revenue Estimates Bigger Question Mark Than Usual Our revenue estimates—including estimates of state revenue gains from the Governor’s proposed initiative—currently are lower than the administration’s. Already, California’s budget is dependent on volatile income tax payments by the state’s wealthiest individuals, and the Governor proposes that these Californians pay more for the next few years. As has become evident in recent years, differing fortunes for these upper–income taxpayers can create or eliminate billions of dollars of projected state revenues. If our current revenue estimates are closer to the target than the administration’s, the Legislature will have to pursue billions of dollars more in budget–balancing solutions.

The LAO has also helpfully also posted a video version of its report, which — I feel safe predicting — is not going to make this top-viral video chart.

Update 1:35 p.m. Our Sacramento Bureau Chief John Myers has put up his blog post on today’s report.


Jon Brooks

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