Stanford lost a real toughie in the Fiesta Bowl last night, falling 41-38 in overtime.

Freshman kicker Jordan Williamson missed two critical field goals, one a sure game-winner; both kicks were wide left, as you can see in these videos.

After the game, Williamson’s teammates were sympathetic and supportive, but as for Williamson himself, the Merc puts it this way:

“In the back corner of a quiet locker room, place-kicker Jordan Williamson — a freshman — was seen bent over in a chair, sobbing.”

The game was also notable for being Andrew Luck’s last before turning pro. Here’s video of Luck after the game reflecting on the Fiesta Bowl loss, his years at Stanford, and how he would feel if the Colts, with the No. 1 pick, drafted him to play behind Peyton Manning.

Finally, something I’ve never seen before: In the second quarter, with Stanford trailing 14-7, the Cardinal’s Ty Montgomery caught a kickoff deep in the end zone, then apparently saw himself running downfield for a 107-yard return. Teammate Jeremy Stewart, however, envisioned something less grand — like a tackle on the two-yard line — and, thinking discretion the better part of valor where freshman kick returners are concerned — actually knocked Montgomery, his own teammate, down before he was able to exit the end zone. “Best hit of the night,” says one of the announcers.

Video from SportsGrid

Videos: Andrew Luck After Last College Game, Stanford Kick Returner Knocked Down by Teammate (On Purpose) 3 January,2012Jon Brooks

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