One of the features I really like on KQED Radio is Perspectives, in which listeners are invited to give short commentaries on topics of their choice.

I asked Perspectives’ editor Mark Trautwein to choose 10 pieces from the year he wanted to revisit. He writes:

“Here’s my fairly random, not-really-‘best’, apologies-to-tons-of-other-wonderful authors, but editor’s-choice 10 Perspectives from 2011…”

  • Opera Kid – Nine-year-old Aiden Sagerman likes opera, and he’s not kidding.
  • Payback – Alejandra went to jail for a terrible decision. Now she helps others find their way.
  • I Love You More – Priscilla Yuki Wilson talks to her grandmother in disaster-ravaged Japan.
  • A Good Man – Susan Dix Lyons’ father isn’t famous, just a good man who did all the right things.
  • How to Avoid a Fat Lip – Les Bloch lists 10 ways to have opinions worth listening to.
  • Invisible Men – Youth Radio’s Pendarvis Harshaw tries to keep black high school students from dropping out.
  • Good Intentions – Jen Haley’s good intentions confront harsh reality on a holiday mission to feed the poor.
  • Mirror, Mirror – Richard Friedlander asks: Is American-style democracy really a good model for the Arab revolt
  • The Life – To get a life, Reggie Daniels had to give up the life of the streets and its intoxicating buzz.
  • Foucault’s Pendulum – Bhaskar Sompalli, and small children, are fascinated by a giant pendulum that knocks over small pins like clockwork.
Editor’s Choice: 10 Best KQED Listener Commentaries 30 December,2011Jon Brooks

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