Update Dec 28: A Chronicle editorial from Dec 23 sheds some more light on this.

At the meeting, Quan expressed frustration at negative stereotypes about Oakland, and bemoaned what she perceived as shrinking local news coverage. But she acknowledged that she may have missed some stories, because she reads the local newspapers’ online versions: She subscribes only to the New York Times print edition.

Which is a little different than the tweet below…

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This was tweeted an hour ago by San Francisco Chronicle assistant managing editor Audrey Cooper, and it’s been getting some retweets, along with some incredulous commentary…


Oy. What’s next? She roots for the Yankees when they play the A’s?

The Chron interviewed Quan yesterday. In the interview, she said Oakland probably couldn’t stop future port shutdowns and that the port would have to pay for police.

Jean Quan’s Non-Local Media Consumption 28 December,2011Jon Brooks

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