Emmylou Harris, a friend of Warren Hellman, spoke and performed at his memorial service in San Francisco today.

“He elicited from me a promise that I would be there at his service, if that’s what happened. I said I would, but he had to also promise that he would play banjo at mine…I came to know Warren through our mutual love of old-timey, bluegrass music, and especially the music and voice of Hazel Dickens…I think he started the [Hardly Strictly Bluegrass] festival to honor Hazel…”

She then sings the Hazel Dickens song “The Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia.”

Listen below:

Audio: Listen to Emmylou Harris eulogy and song

Listen to Emmylou Harris Perform at Warren Hellman Memorial 21 December,2011Jon Brooks

  • Dierdre Nobb

    When I heard the introduction to this story on the radio this evening, my heart nearly stopped. The way the radio story was cut, it almost sounded as though Angie Kim was reporting that Emmylou Harris had passed. When I could breathe again, I was given the reprieve of understanding that it was Emmylou’s musical tribute to her friend (and all of ours) Warren Hellman.

  • russ

    Thanks very much for posting this… what a truly beautiful tribute by Emmylou 
    to Warren, a legend and very great man.

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