The strange episode of “The Simpsons” from the Sunday before last that was getting some play on blogs is now online. (I mean legally.) Called “Holidays of Future Passed,” it takes a look at what happens to the family over the next 30 years, when, in contrast to the last 20-plus, the kids actually age.

One scene deals with the Internet (or “Alternet”) and alludes to local web giants Facebook and Google…

From The Onion’s A.V. Club:

Lisa decides to go onto the Alternet to see what Zia is doing. As soon as she arrives, she is greeted by a screen showing that a number of people want to friend her from her past connections at U.C.-Moon, S.U.N.Y.-Sun, Miami of Ohio of Pluto, and The Simpsons Go To… episodes. She wastes time on this briefly, but gets down to business by going through the Google door. Although Google has enslaved half the world, Lisa still believes that it is a damn fine search engine.

Take a look…

Watch the full episode here.

Video: “The Simpsons” on the Web of the Future and All-Powerful Google 20 December,2011Jon Brooks

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