Sutter Brown, blissfully unaware of the budget deficit

I’m not suggesting it, but here’s something some enterprising and cranky Republican legislator might attempt to make some hay over: Just how much is it costing the state to maintain the web presence of Sutter Brown, the governor’s dog?

The Sacramento Bee breaks the story that the official bio of Jerry Brown’s pooch is now posted on the governor’s web site. That’s in addition to a Faceboook page and a Twitter account,

On the other hand, the satisfied constituency for doggie web content is probably a lot more robust than the one for state politicians — of any political stripe.

Even KQED’s uber state political wonk John Myers is on the Sutter beat today, tweeting out this photo.

Sutter Brown, you complete us.

Jerry Brown’s Doggie Sutter is All Over the Web 19 December,2011Jon Brooks

  • Sutter Brown

    Pardon me, but I have raised $2,011 this year to support the State of California with sales of my “I am @SutterBrown” first pooch merch. Check it out at Would like a correction to the “blissfully aware” photo caption. I am quite aware, thank you (in fact, my mom and dad discuss the budget deficit so much, I’ve nearly learned to roll over and play dead when I hear the phrase).

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