Update 9:23 a.m. The original report we cited from paidContent.org was incorrect. That report stated six newspapers owned by Media News Group, including the Bay Area News Group’s Oakland Tribune, Hayward Daily Review, and Fremont Argus, would cease print publication on Mondays, but still publish online.

But Carl Hall of the Pacific Media Workers Guild says the Bay Area News Group’s papers, which include the Oakland Tribune, the Fremont Argus, and the Hayward Daily Review, are not actually part of the group that will stop Monday publication. Those papers are merely stopping Monday home delivery, which has already been announced.

Update from Joshua Johnson 9:34 a.m.

I just spoke with Bay Area News Group President Mac Tully. He confirmed that the Tribune, the Argus and the Daily Review are status quo. The Monday-edition cutbacks only affect the papers in what’s referred to as the “NorCal group.” No cuts are planned for the Oakland, Fremont or Hayward papers

As a side note, I also asked Tully about another part of the previously announced cutback plan at the East Bay papers: a new community outreach effort called Community Media Labs. Tully says the team working on that effort is picking office space in downtown Oakland and Walnut Creek, and the project should roll out as expected early next year.

So it appears only The Vacaville Reporter, the Vallejo Times-Herald and the Eureka Times-Standard are the papers that will cease Monday publication.

Here’s the letter announcing the cessation of Monday print editions from the Vallejo Times-Herald web site:

Most of you have received a note with your newspaper from Publisher Jim Gleim about an important change in the Times-Herald beginning Monday, Dec. 19.

For others, who may be reading this from a paper you bought at a newsrack or store, this is important to you as well.

On Mondays, beginning in two weeks, there will no longer be a printed edition as the Times-Herald and other newspapers begin moving into a new era that expands our current mixture of print and digital delivery of news.

Print editions will continue the other six days of the week, and all local news and features, as well as some syndicated favorites, will be shifted to other days. We’ll explain more as Dec. 19 approaches.

As Gleim notes in the letter to our subscribers that came with your newspaper this morning, “The decision to end Monday print editions, a step being taken by newspapers across the country, was made after evaluating the changing lifestyle preferences by most readers and how they consume their news.

“Readers are demanding that we provide our content in ways that suit those lifestyles.”

Gleim reminded readers that the Times-Herald has aggressively launched new smart phone and iPad apps in the past six months. More are on the way.

News ordinarily in our Monday edition will now be posted online at timesheraldonline.com on Sunday and Monday, and in our Tuesday print edition.

As Gleim notes, “As far as news coverage goes, readers won’t miss a thing.”

Also on Dec. 19, the website paywall for new and existing subscribers will be permanently lifted. Those subscribers who have paid for access will be refunded the unused portion.

Here’s the letter announcing the change from The Vacaville Reporter.

Some N. California Papers to Cease Publication on Mondays 6 December,2011Jon Brooks

  • shirley enomoto

    i live in emeryville and did not receive the oak. tribune yesterday.  today i received a paper with the front page showing “west county times” and two articles concerning oakland.  if this continues, i’m cancelling my subscription.

  • Hmmm… could just be a delivery error. I’m assuming Emeryville usually gets the Trib, unless that’s changed with the newspaper shakeups lately. Has this happened before? I’d be interested to know if this recurs. Thanks for the heads-up! –Joshua Johnson, KQED News

  • shirley enomoto

    i’ve been a subscriber to the  oakland tribune for about 15 years,  not the “west county times.”  i do hope it’s a delivery error. i cancelled my 7 day/week sub to the chronicle when they increased their annual price to $504.00. i’ll see what tomorrow brings. thanks.

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