Yesterday at UC Davis, an embattled Chancellor Linda Katehi and other school officials held a town hall meeting with students to discuss the notorious pepper spray incident that has brought worldwide negative attention to the university.

The Sacramento Bee has a report and so does The California Aggie, the school’s student newspaper. From the Bee:

Katehi went first to the podium and delivered a brief speech. She called the use of pepper spray, seen in viral videos on the Internet, “appalling.” She said she had ordered that tents belonging to Occupy UC Davis protestors be removed Friday but had instructed Police Chief Annette Spicuzza, who has been placed on leave, that “violence should be avoided at all costs.”

“It was the absolute last thing I ever wanted to happen,” Katehi told the audience.

Her remarks were met with polite applause. Afterward, speakers – most of whom did not identify themselves – lined up at two microphones in the audience.

Many expressed anger. One woman delivered a box she said contained 80,000 signatures demanding Katehi’s resignation. Others questioned the necessity for campus officers to be armed and asked to see their policies regarding use of force. Full article

Katehi, by the way, said she will not be resigning.

Here’s the Davis Patch live blog of the meeting.

And here is the entire event on video, from AggieTV.

Some shorter video segments on YouTube here, here, and here.

Finally, here is an ongoing Storify about the UC Davis situation.

Video: Entire UC Davis Town Hall Meeting With Chancellor Katehi and Students; Live Blog 23 November,2011Jon Brooks

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