A quick roundup of Sunday’s “Occupy” developments around the Bay Area. We’ll start with the latest developments tonight, then go back to earlier in the day:

San Francisco

  • OccupySF protesters have taken over the street in front of the Federal Reserve and have been joined by Supervisors Eric Mar and David Campos (and perhaps others). Protesters have set up several tents in the middle of Market Street and are facing off with police officers. Campos calls on Mayor Lee to come to th*e scene.
  • Daniel Ellsberg has been speaking to the crowd in front of the Federal Reserve and gets a round of applause for leaking the Pentagon Papers. He talks about the role of nonviolence in large political/social movements and denounced the treatment of Bradley Manning, the Army private accused of leaking U.S. secrets to Wikileaks.
  • BART has closed entrances to Embarcadero Station closest to the Federal Reserve.

  • Protest at Quan’s house seems to have fizzled. @OakFoSho, renowned Twitter diarist of Occupy Oakland, says he was at Quan’s place with just a few police and no protesters.
  • General assembly at Ogawa Plaza is talking at length about a proposal that seeks, in effect, to renounce violence and property destruction as tactics.” Here’s the livestream of the ongoing session: Occupy Oakland Live.
  • Protesters attempted to set up a new encampment near Grand and Lakeshore avenues; Twitter reports make it sound like it hasn’t gotten far.
  • City workers removed a “victory garden” planted in the plaza yesterday.

Previous update


  • Protesters say they’ll go to Mayor Quan’s house in the Oakland Hills to “Occupy Quan” and show they are not afraid of “the Wrath of Quan” (I am only quoting tweets here).
  • At 6 p.m., Occupy Oakland has a general assembly at Frank Ogawa Plaza at 6 p.m. One focus of discussion will be planning for an attempted coastwide port shutdown on December 12.
  • Earlier today: Police ordered Occupy Oakland campers out of their “beautiful new home” (to quote a tweet) at 19th and Telegraph; according to police account uncontradicted by video or #OO statements, campers departed without incident. No violence, no vandalism, no arrests.
  • Mixed reports on city’s willingness to allow camp to continue at Snow Park, near Lake Merritt. Here’s the Chron’s writeup on Quan family’s involvement in and negotiations with Occupy Oakland.

San Francisco

  • Quiet at Justin Herman Plaza.
  • City apparently has succeeded for now in clearing tents from Market Street between the Federal Reserve and the plaza. Six reported arrests
  • .

  • Again according to Chron, Ed Lee is reportedly working on a way to get camp out of Justin Herman Plaza to some other site (he’s already ruled out Civic Center Park).


  • Two officers involved in Friday’s pepper-spray incident placed on indefinite leave.
  • UC President Mark Yudof issues strongly worded statement criticizing police response at Davis (and Berkeley) and says he’ll convene a meeting of all 10 campus chancellors “to engage in a full and unfettered discussion about how to ensure proportional law enforcement response to non-violent protest.”

    Here’s the video of campus police pepper spraying protesters. This particular iteration has been viewed 1,350,000 times:

  • Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg issues statement condemning police response.
  • Tomorrow: Davis chancellor Linda Katehi to meet with students during general assembly at noon. Myers will cover.

Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek
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